Microphone * Camera * Pen Thomas Michael Caldwell

During a media career spanning more than 30 years, Thomas Michael Caldwell has worked for major news organizations, public affairs firms, and government agencies as a writer, news broadcaster, author, photographer, consultant, narrator, commentator, editor, and producer.

Thomas’ reports, stories, and articles have appeared throughout the world in venues as varied and diverse as the Japan Times Weekly, the Los Angeles Times, Radio Netherlands, Voice of America, Christian Science Monitor (radio), and The Economist. During his news career, he also served as the Chief Radio Correspondent in the Far East for the UPI Radio Network. Among the major stories he covered were the Great Hanshin (Kobe) Earthquake (1995); the Tokyo Subway Gas Attack (1995); the Third Taiwan Strait Crisis (1996); and the Handover of Hong Kong to China (1997) where he served as UPI’s Acting Bureau Chief.

Before his career as a newsman, Thomas worked in the challenging field of public relations and public affairs as a Far East affiliate for the Washington, DC—based Hannaford Company; a top consulting firm headed up by legendary political strategist Peter D. Hannaford. During that time, he worked with clients in the corporate and political arenas on public policy, communications strategies, and related media services.

Thomas has experience with everything from CVs to 10-Ks, radio production to location filming, seminars to webinars. Website and social media planning, design and content creation. He is based out of Alexandria, Virginia and serves clients in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area and beyond.